Exploring Your Options? 8 Compelling Reasons a Ford Explorer Should Be Your Next Vehicle

 Do you live for adventure? Do you want to hit the open road and explore routes which take you up mountains and down to the valleys below?

Or perhaps you want to bring your family or a group of friends with you for your next destination? 

The Ford Explorer is what you have been looking for and we have eight compelling reasons to share why.

2019 Ford Explorer

We have the 2019 Ford Explorer waiting for you at Holzhauers Auto. Our dealership represents Nashville, Illinois in a way no other dealership does. Why is that?

Because we care about the…

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Escape the Mundane: 7 Ford Escape Features You Should Know About If You're Car Shopping


Ford Escape deliveries the US totaled 60,702 units in the first quarter of 2019. The figure is a decrease from the previous year.

Despite a slow in sales for the utility vehicle, many people are still interested in acquiring one. Many purchasers are attracted by Ford Escape features and are eager to spend money on it.

Ford Escape is listed as one of the best SUVs to own due to its premium features. It…

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Jeep Models: Which Jeep Is Best Jeep?

Are you in the market for a new vehicle that does it all? Maybe you need a dependable vehicle for work and family needs. Perhaps you want that sporty set of wheels for weekend play. 


Do you want a vehicle that can do all of the above all rolled into one? Jeep vehicles not only offer safety, comfort, and style for everyday living, but they also offer off-road capabilities that make them versatile for all of your functional and fun needs. 

Check out this list of Jeep models. Each with unique features that make Jeep so popular. There is sure…

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Real Truck: Why Should You Buy a Ram?

Choosing the right vehicle is never easy. With more choices out there than ever before, figuring out the best brand is often a good first step in finding the right vehicle.

But what about when you have your type of vehicle narrowed down already?

What if you want a truck? 


We're not talking about those Avalanche monstrosities or those dinky Ford Rangers that a Prius would probably outperform. 

No, we're talking about a real truck. An American made, reliable, durable truck.

All of a sudden, your choices have narrowed considerably.

So what brand offers the best real trucks…

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How to Find Ford Keyless Entry Code By VIN Number

There are two types of people in this world: those who lose their keys and those who lock their keys inside their car. 

Whichever type of person you are, you will get locked out of your car at some point in your life. This holds true even for people who drive Fords with keyless entry codes.

Those keyless entry codes are a lifesaver for people who frequently misplace their keys. However, entry codes can be easily forgotten as well, especially if you don't use that system often.

But did you know that if you drive a Ford, you can…

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Parts of a Car: The Complete Car Owners Guide to The Parts in a Car

With over 32 million drivers being bailed out by the AAA in 2016, it seems that the wave of new technology on automobiles is leading to more breakdowns than ever before.

This means that it's essential to look know your vehicle inside out. This will allow you to assist your mechanic should the worst happen.

In this article, you'll find a comprehensive list of car parts to look out for. With this knowledge…

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Why Buy From Holzhauers Auto?

Here at Holzhauers Auto we know that drivers have hundreds of different dealerships in the Mount Vernon area. Which is why when shopping for your next car, truck or SUV the dealership you choose is just as important as what vehicle you get. So what makes Holzhauers Auto stand out from the other dealerships around the Nashville, IL area? Well, we happen to have three great reasons why we are your number one destination for all your automotive needs.


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Keep Safety First When Jump Starting a Car

If you find yourself in a position of needing to jump start a friend or family member's car in Nashville, IL, be sure to keep safety precautions in the forefront of your mind while doing so. You'll be dealing with live connections and care must be taken to avoid injury.

Be sure to follow the detailed directions in your owner's manual. You'll want to make sure both cars are turned off when you begin and that parking brakes are set. When you start connecting your jumper cables from the dead battery to the live one, you…

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Why Your Tire Sensor Light is so Important

As a general rule, you wouldn't be able to tell if your tire wasn't properly inflated by looking at it. It is possible that a tire could appear flat simply because it is sitting under the engine or is being looked at from an odd angle. Fortunately, most vehicles come equipped with tire pressure sensors.

The sensors are designed to send an alert to drivers when the pressure drops below a predetermined threshold. 

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Clean Filters Improve Air Quality

People with allergies often dread the thought of dust. They are extremely sensitive to it and aren't operating on all cylinders when in the presence of it. But what if we told you your vehicle is very similar? That is why we here at Holzhauer Auto & Motorsports Group want to ensure you know all about cabin and engine air filters.

Cabin filters remove dust and dirt from the air you breathe in the cabin of your car. The engine air filter removes dust and dirt from the air intake valve so the engine doesn't act up, much like…

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