The Best of the Best: Which Jeep Wrangler Options Rock the Hardest

A Jeep is the ultimate customization base for owners as it is off the lot. These are the best Jeep Wrangler options worth considering the purchase.

Jeeps have a long and storied past, having been around for nearly 80 years. From transporting soldiers on the battlefield to powering Zambonis, they were used in some pretty creative ways in their early days.

There weren't many options available in those days though. You didn't have different engines, tires, interior materials, or sound systems to choose from. And optional safety equipment? Forget it.

Today's Jeeps still carry the DNA from…

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Top Six Perks You Get When Buying a Jeep

Jeeps do more than your average car or SUV. You get more than a vehicle that you drive from point A to B. Here are six perks of buying a Jeep you didn't know.

Few car brands are as iconic as Jeep. It doesn't matter if the driver is in a Wrangler or a luxurious Grand Cherokee, the minute you see the classic seven-slot grille, you instantly know a little bit about the driver's personality. Think sporty, functional, and a little adventurous.

It makes sense, then, that you would want a taste of the Jeep lifestyle. But…

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A Force to Be Reckoned With: 10 Reasons You're Going to Love the Off-Road-Ready 2019 Jeep Wrangler


Did you know that over 240,000 Jeep Wranglers were sold in 2018 alone? That's a lot of people finding and buying their dream car, to say the least!

And Jeep has released another new and fantastic Wrangler for 2019. And this Wrangler, to no surprise, is just as spectacular as the Wranglers that came before it!

So is the 2019 Jeep Wrangler worth checking out? And what are the best reasons to pick…

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What You Need to Know About the 2019-20 All New Ram Trucks: Reviews, Pricing & More...


Dodge Ram truck sales have been climbing steadily for the last decade. They sold over half a million trucks in 2018 alone.

There’s a good reason for the increase in sales. Ram trucks are tough as nails and sport all the latest technology, making them the perfect truck to go from the job site to the highway.

Dodge has done a great job of adding new technology while keeping some of the more traditional…

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Time for Adventure: Your Complete Guide to the Best Off Road Vehicles


Back in 2008, gas prices were at their highest, and it seemed like the worst time possible to start focusing on producing some of the best off-road vehicles. Yet that is precisely what Ford decided to do, and it paid off. 

Now, the F 150 outsells the entire Porsche lineup. Their trucks consistently rank at the top of consumer reports, performance, safety, and durability ratings.

In a world where even Tesla has an off-roading option, Ford is the leader among others, including RAM and GMC. Keep reading to learn more about the top roading vehicles for conquering those Tennessee or…

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Buying Used Jeeps or New Jeeps: Which Is the Best Option?

Jeep is one of the most popular vehicle brands. But should you buy new Jeeps or is buying used Jeeps worth it? Here's our recommendation.

When it comes to brand recognition, the story behind Jeep verges on mythic. From its inception in 1941, Jeeps helped tow antitank weapons, served as battlefield ambulances, and moved mounted anti-infantry machine guns during WWII.

The all-terrain vehicle earned a reputation for being tough, lightweight, and essential to defeating the Axis powers. From the beaches of Normandy to Berlin, Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima and the mainland of Japan.

Of course, Jeep has come a…

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Your Guide to the Most Reliable Trucks in 2019


Imagine this: rolling down the highway or country road in that beautiful, brand-new truck that you've always wanted. Sitting high above everyone else, the sound of a heavy-duty engine hauling around whenever you pick up speed... that is the life!

But now, it's starting to make sense for you to purchase a truck to fit your daily needs, where should you even start looking? Kick things off by doing some research on the most trustworthy brands on the market and find out which one is right for you.

Here are the most reliable trucks in the 2019 marketplace…

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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Buying the Best Pickup Truck

Buying a new pickup truck is an exciting process, and there are a lot of possibilities to choose from.

Are you going to get a compact truck that you can tool around town in and still find a parking spot with ease? Or will you get a standard pickup that can go off-road when you ask it to?

When you’re looking at buying a new truck, there are several decisions you’re going to need to make.

As long as you’re honest with yourself about what you need, you’ll wind up with the best pickup truck for…

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The Most Important Specs of the 2019 GMC Sierra

If you're looking for a new truck, take a look at the 2019 GMC Sierra. This truck has many benefits. Here are the most important specs to know.


So far this year, over 350,000 GMC Sierras and Chevy Silverados have been sold across the United States. This should be no surprise as buyers love the Sierra's smooth ride, spacious interior, and user-friendly infotainment system. 

Curious what else the 2019 GMC Sierra has to offer? Not to worry, we've created this comprehensive guide that outlines all of the most important specs of this impressive truck. 

We go…

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