Looking to buy a new vehicle in 2020? Thinking about buying a jeep, specifically? If so, you should give some consideration to the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

An icon of the brand, the Wrangler Rubicon has been at the forefront of offroading greatness since 1986. While the 2020 model retains much of what makes the Wrangler Rubicon great, it offers a number of newer features as well. 

Wondering why you should buy it? This article has all the info you need. 


In terms of performance, the Wrangler is fairly unique. Designed primarily for offroading purposes, it can handle a range of different terrains. Whereas it rides smoothly on paved surfaces, it offers a nice ebb-and-flow on uneven surfaces. 

This is due to its solid-axle suspension system as well as its bevy of offroading accessories. Designed to handle sharp turns with ease, it's as maneuverable of a vehicle as you're going to find. 

This year's version of the Wrangler is available with two types of engines. One of these is a 3.6-liter V6 offering up to 285 horsepower. The other is a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder offering up to 275 horsepower. 

Regardless of the engine you choose, you'll be rewarded with ample power and acceleration. Not only will you keep up with other vehicles on the roadways, but you'll also find it easy to ascend rocky hills and mountains. 

Each Wrangler trim is stocked with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Note, however, that if you wish, you can replace it in the V6 model with a 6-speed manual transmission. 

If need be, the Wrangler can even be used to tow trailers. At its max, it can tow up to 2,000 pounds. 

Fuel Efficiency

As far as fuel efficiency goes, the Wrangler is good but not great. This is due primarily to the fact that it's built for offroading purposes. As such, it doesn't quite measure up to those vehicles that are designed primarily for paved roadways.

On the highway, the 4-cylinder Wrangler gets around 24 miles to the gallon; the V6 gets around 23. In the city, the 4-cylinder Wrangler gets around 23 miles to the gallon; the V6 gets around 18. 

In other words, this vehicle isn't ideal for long-distance travel. While it can thrive as a short-commute car, it's too much of a gas guzzler to facilitate cheap transportation. 

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The Interior

There are two different versions of the Wrangler: one of which has 4 seats and one of which has 5 seats. The quality of the interior is highly dependent on the number of seats you choose. 

The 4-seat option offers plenty of legroom for the driver and front passenger, but very little legroom for the passengers in the back. Plus, because it comes with only 2 doors, it's not all that easy to access.

The 5-seat option, on the other hand, offers ample legroom for everyone. Plus, it comes with 4 doors, allowing for seamless accessibility at all times. 

Apart from those distinctions, each trim's interior is generally the same. Characterized by cloth upholstery, ample headspace, and solid, no-frills construction, it's low-maintenance and comfortable. 

But what about cargo space? When the 4-door's back seats are up, it offers 32 cubic feet of storage; When they're down, it offers 72 cubic feet of storage. When the 2-door's back seats are up, it offers 13 cubic feet of storage; When they're down, it offers 32 cubic feet of storage. 

So, whereas the 4-door actually offers quite a bit of storage space (particularly for a compact SUV), the 2-door offers very little in the way of storage. 

Special Features

If you know anything about the Wrangler, you know that it differs from other compact SUVs in terms of special features. Namely, a good many of its body components can be removed to allow for an open layout. 

Not only can its roof (there are both soft and hard shells available) be removed, but its doors as well. This allows it to transform into a fun summertime vehicle. 

Want to open things up even more? If so, you'll be glad to hear that you can fold down its windshield. 


By and large, the 2020 Wrangler Rubicon is a safe vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded it 4 out of 5 stars for frontal crash testing and 3 out of 5 stars for rollover protection. 

Due to its boxy design, it's not quite as aerodynamic as some other vehicles on the market. Quick turns can cause it to turn over. However, if you drive carefully, you shouldn't run into any problems. 

To assist you in driving safely, the Wrangler offers a number of safety features. These include a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, and blind-spot monitoring, to name just a few. 

Entertainment Features

As far as entertainment features go, the Wrangler is right on par with most modern vehicles. Sporting a Uconnect touch-screen infotainment system, it plays audio through an 8-speaker sound system. Coming with Bluetooth capabilities, it's capable of syncing up with phones of all kinds. 

If you wish, you can add a number of other entertainment features. These include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, built-in navigation, and satellite radio, to name just a few. There's also an option to upgrade to a 9-speaker sound system. 


The 2020 Wrangler comes with a fairly standard warranty. Its limited warranty covers up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. Its powertrain warranty covers up to 5 years or 60,000 miles. 

Interested in Buying the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon? 

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