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Parts of a Car: The Complete Car Owners Guide to The Parts in a Car

With over 32 million drivers being bailed out by the AAA in 2016, it seems that the wave of new technology on automobiles is leading to more breakdowns than ever before.

This means that it's essential to look know your vehicle inside out. This will allow you to assist your mechanic should the worst happen.

In this article, you'll find a comprehensive list of car parts to look out for. With this knowledge…

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Why Buy From Holzhauers Auto?

Here at Holzhauers Auto we know that drivers have hundreds of different dealerships in the Mount Vernon area. Which is why when shopping for your next car, truck or SUV the dealership you choose is just as important as what vehicle you get. So what makes Holzhauers Auto stand out from the other dealerships around the Nashville, IL area? Well, we happen to have three great reasons why we are your number one destination for all your automotive needs.


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Clean Filters Improve Air Quality

People with allergies often dread the thought of dust. They are extremely sensitive to it and aren't operating on all cylinders when in the presence of it. But what if we told you your vehicle is very similar? That is why we here at Holzhauer Auto & Motorsports Group want to ensure you know all about cabin and engine air filters.

Cabin filters remove dust and dirt from the air you breathe in the cabin of your car. The engine air filter removes dust and dirt from the air intake valve so the engine doesn't act up, much like…

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Winter Wiper Blades: Safe and Strong

Many Nashville, IL motorists have noticed that, despite not causing any problems during the summer, their car's wiper blades are suddenly starting to leave streaks on their windshields. These streaks can be a safety hazard because they impair a driver's visibility. Would you like to learn how to avoid this frustrating, and potentially very hazardous, issue with tips from the Holzhauer Auto & Motorsports Group team?

The answer might be simpler than you think. 

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Keep an eye on your vehicle's check engine light

Driving is essential for many people because they must get to work and other responsibilities. Having a good vehicle will allow them to get to where they need to go. Taking care of the vehicle is very important in order to make sure that it is working properly, and a person will need to have it inspected.


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When you first turn on the vehicle, you should notice if the check engine light is on. Likewise, when you are driving the vehicle, you should

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