Does Your Differential Need Service?

Many car owners check their engine oil levels every weekend, especially when it is getting close to your service date. However, a car differential needs maintenance too. Unfortunately, you may not realize that you need to lubricate this part, especially if your car does not tell you that your differential is losing lubrication.

Once lubrication is worn down on your wheels, you may not be able to go anywhere. How does the car differential work this way? With lubrication, the car differential supplies power to the driveshaft so that your wheels can turn on their axles and make your vehicle move forward or backward, or whatever direction you are headed!

You can change your differential oil yourself, but it's better to have a mechanic do this maintenance for you as the differential can be located behind complicated housing. You can talk to mechanics at Holzhauer Auto & Motorsports Group located in Nashville, IL to have your car checked at our state-of-the-art auto service facility today.

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