Vehicles all get messy on road trips. It's a fact of life. They get even messier with pets.

Pet hair gets everywhere. A dog or cat can potentially scratch or claw up the interior of any vehicle. The interior gets chewed on. Potty breaks sometimes happen in the car. How do you keep your car clean when traveling with pets?
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Here are some tips:

The easiest way to keep your vehicle clean is by crating your pet. This keeps much of the hair from landing on your seats and carpet. It also doesn't get all over your clothes. If you can't crate, put a towel or sheet down on the car seats or floor. This will be something you can remove quickly should a dog or cat vomit or relieve themselves.

To avoid potential messes, it's also important to take regular potty breaks. Make sure they have an opportunity to use the bathroom before you leave, too. You should also bring toys they can chew on. A bored pet might consider chewing on something else.

If you're interested in options for pet-friendly cars, get in touch with Holzhauer Auto & Motorsports Group in Nashville, IL. You can also visit our dealership for further advice on traveling with pets. We also have plenty of new cars that are great for pets.

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